Withdrawing Money

Easily withdraw money from your SendSpend Wallet.

Withdraw Cash at an Agent

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Before the agent hands you the cash, you will be asked to authorise the withdrawal in your App. Once you have authorised the withdrawal, the Agent will hand you the cash and your balance will be reduced by the amount of cash handed to you plus the amount of the fee charged by the Agent. All Agents set their own fees. Some Agents are FREE. Please, use your App to search for FREE Agents in your area. 

Searching for an Agent

In order to deposit or withdraw cash at/from an agent, you will first need to find one in your area.
The search function is extremely powerful and allows you to make the following search choices or filters:

  • Include All Agents
  • Include All Agents
  • Include Smart Agents Only
  • Include Free Agents Only
  • Include Partner Agents Only
  • Set the size of the area around you in which you wish to search

Types of agents

Smart Agent

This is an agent who uses SendSpend’s Agent Smartphone App (download from the Playstore) to provide Agent Services. Typically, a corner store, sole trader or individual.  Smart Agents can have a fixed place of business or be mobile.

Retail (3er Party) Agents

These are Agents who provide the service using SendSpend’s API which is integrated into their Point of Sale systems. These are typically large retailers who have hundreds or thousands of stores such a Pick ‘n Pay, Post Office or Tesco.