Launching Soon!! Send Money instantly from the UK to Pakistan with SendSpend by simply entering a mobile number.  The Countdown has begun!!

SendSpend is pleased to announce the imminent launch of International Mobile to Mobile remittance for UK customers sending money to Pakistan.

The service will launch in Q4 and will enable UK customers to send funds instantly from a mobile phone in the UK to a mobile phone in Pakistan simply by entering the recipient’s mobile number. Funds can be sent to any of the 17 major mobile wallets or e-wallets in Pakistan and will be credited within seconds. The service is available 24/7, including public holidays. Funds can also be sent to any bank account.

SendSpend’s mobile E-Wallet is available to any UK resident and can be topped up with cash at one of 28,000 deposit points throughout the UK or by transferring funds from their bank account. SendSpend’s cash deposit option is ideal though for anyone who does not have a bank account or is waiting for their bank account to be opened. A SendSpend E-Wallet can also receive funds which can be drawn out at one of the 28,000 cash points throughout the UK.

This game-changing service from SendSpend is made possible due to SendSpend’s 100% owned and UK-developed mobile payment platform and E-wallet which is not reliant on any payment card or bank account like many of its competitors.

There’s no more need for expensive International Bank transfers using SWIFT or queuing at local money transfer agents or exchanges. Transfers can also be made from the comfort of your home! SendSpend’s multi-currency system has been designed for quick and easy interoperability with local payment systems. All data communication within SendSpend and between partners is fully encrypted. Users of SendSpend’s mobile e-wallet are further protected by dual-factor transaction authentication.

For more information email or download the SendSpend App.