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Financial Inclusion For Everyone


SendSpend is a global e-payment system which allows the unbanked to make electronic payments for products and services through a network of physical agents and e-commerce payment gateways linked to a smart phone e-wallet. 

Global Demand

There are 2.5 billion people across the world who use cash as their only means of transaction and are excluded from the day to day benefits of e-commerce. They have been forgotten or ignored by the large banks and card providers.


eCommerce Payments

Instant Remittances to other SendSpend e-Wallets

Instant Purchase of Electronic Pre-Paid Vouchers

Currency Exchange  (Country Dependent)

Our Mission

Reduce Global Poverty

Research shows that having access to mobile money can increase the living standards of a household by up to 30% and crucially, lift them above the poverty line. SendSpend's primary mission is to make mobile money available and affordable to everyone on the planet.

Improve Freedom of Financial Markets

SendSpend is a disruptor in the financial markets. The global reach of SendSpend's technology eliminates the frictions caused by multiple participants in the flow of funds across the globe and in so doing improves the speed and cost at which transactions take place, passing this on to the consumer and the eMerchants.

Eliminate The Need For Cash

We believe that all products and services should be paid for using electronic funds. SendSpend is tirelessly working with eMerchants across the globe to allow customers to pay using their SendSpend eWallet.  

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