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SendSpend makes payments quicker, easier and affordable for everyone – Our multi-currency platform and eWallet enable instant and secure payments between buyer and seller or sender and receiver. No Need for a bank account or payment card. Cash can be deposited or withdrawn at one or many cash in/out agents nationwide, remitted, and received instantly.

No Bank Account or Payment Card Needed

SendSpend’s Payment System is independent and has no affiliation with any of the existing card payment companies. There is no physical card, and it is 100% digital. Transactions are processed through SendSpend’s proprietary payment gateway. The gateway is also an enabler for traders without a local bank account, enabling them to establish an e-commerce website where they can accept payments using the SendSpend ecosystem.

Our Services

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Online Payment

Instant Pay Direct Customer to Customer

Instant Pay Direct Customer to Customer

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QR Code

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Point of Sale

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Pre-paid Vouchers

SendSpend Foreing exchange service


SendSpend Technology

Consumer APP

This is the Pre-paid Payment Instrument (PPI) in the form of an e-Wallet and includes various functions to initiate and authorise transactions.

Agency App

To Provide Cash In/Out services for Customers, Located by GPS Map.

E-Commerce/POS Payment System

E-Commerce/POS Payment System with 4 payment methods for both Online/App payments and In-Store payments. Payment methods available are Instant Pay (using registered phone number) and QR Code, and Pre-Loaded Products.

Corporate Agent Services API

A complete suite of API’s for easy integration to existing POS systems


FX functionality

Multi-currency with full FX conversion functionality for individuals and businesses.


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Download the SendSpend Customer or Agent App from Google Play and get started immediately

(Only available for Android Phone)

Download the SendSpend Customer App

SendSpend Customer App

Download the SendSpend Customer App

SendSpend Agent App