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How do I download the SendSpend application?

You can download the SendSpend application straight off Google Play Store on your mobile device.

Can I download SendSpend on my computer?

The SendSpend application can only be downloaded and installed on mobile Android devices such as phones and tablets.

What network must I use to register for SendSpend?

You can use any registered mobile network, make sure that when registering that you put in the correct country code before continuing.

Can I run my SendSpend application over multiple devices?

Yes, however only one can be logged in at a time. If you try login from another device you will be logged out the previous one you were using.

Why am I presented with my name as two other random names when registering for SendSpend?

This is a security question to see whether the ID name and the name you put down for registration match. SendSpend wants to make sure that the application is as secure as possible for your own peace of mind.

Can my children register an account on SendSpend using my ID?

No. You must be 16 years or older to use SendSpend and own a valid ID number, you will also not be allowed more than one registration per ID number submitted.

How do I register for SendSpend?

When you first register on the SendSpend Application you will be asked to put in your Cell phone number. This must be a registered number.

Once you have received your verification for your number you will need to put in your personal details such as name, and last name and create yourself a password.

After those details are verified you will need to create a PIN code on your account and take a Selfie for your profile.

Once all information has been put in you will be taken to the home screen where you start off as a Silver Tier customer.

What if I don't have an email when registering my SendSpend account?

We recommend you put in an email even if it’s Gmail, however, it is optional.


What happens if I forget my Password that I registered with?

You can recover your password on the main login screen by selecting “Recover” next to where it states “Forgot your password?” You will need to enter your contact number to receive via SMS a temporary login password.

What happens if I forget my PIN number?

The only way to recover your PIN number is by submitting a ticket to the support staff at SendSpend.
Please contact customer service by email customerservice@sendspend.com with a valid form of ID for verification. Once your ID has been successfully verified, a SendSpend representative will contact you with further instructions on the recovery of your PIN.

I have logged in incorrectly too many times and now my account says locked, what do I do?

Resetting your password with the recovery option on login will clear the block. If that does not work you will need to contact SendSpend Support for them to unlock your account before being able to log in further.

Can I still purchase online if I lose my SIM Card?

No. You will need to contact the SendSpend support and follow the procedure to link your new SIM card.

Lost Pin

Please contact customer service by phone or email customerservice@sendspend.com a copy of your ID Book/Card or certified copy of your ID for verification. Once your ID has been successfully verified, a SendSpend representative will contact you with further instructions on the recovery of PIN.

Can I change my profile picture?

Yes, but you will be put down to the silver tier and need the picture to be verified again to go back to the gold or platinum tier.

Your Title Goes HereCan I change my address in settings?

Once your address has been verified, you may not change the address again.
If you have moved residence and your home address has changed please contact our support team to assist you further.

Main Landing Page (Home Screen)

I have clicked on a few options in my SendSpend Application, how do I get back to the home screen?

If you take a look in the top right hand corner you will see a little house icon, by clicking this you will be taken directly back to the main landing page (home screen)

I sent a request for money to the wrong contact, is there a way to cancel it?

Yes, you will be able to see requested transactions in the “request pending” tab. Once there you select the pending request and select cancel.

I cannot see anywhere it says “logout”

The logout button is located on the main landing page (home screen) on the top right-hand corner of the device.

How do I find a transaction I made a week ago, is there some sort of receipt after each transaction?

Yes, you can find a full transaction history by clicking on the currency in your cash summary page.

Why is my Cash Balance different to the amount I have in my home currency?

If you have multiple currencies the Cash Balance is a total of all the currencies combined.

Where do I access my Money Balances?

Can be found on the home screen to check available money in all currencies if added

Is there a further breakdown of transactions made?

Further Summary Breakdown can be found by clicking on the transaction in your Transaction Summary page.

How Come i can scan a QR code but cannot create a QR code?

Only SendSpend Business accounts can create QR codes however all SendSpend accounts can scan QR codes.


How can I see what tier level I am on my SendSpend application?

You can see your tier level you are currently at by going into your settings and clicking on “Wallet Information”

Where do I find “Settings”?

On the main landing page (home screen) there will be a little cogwheel icon on the top left-hand corner of your screen.

Why does it ask me for my PIN code when I want to change anything in my profile?

This is just some added safety because you can change your login password in the personal information tab.

Can I change my profile picture on my SendSpend Account?

Yes, but you will need to have it verified again as a security procedure. This means that if you are on Gold or Platinum tier status you will be temporarily put down to the silver tier until verified again.

What does an orange tick mean after I have uploaded a form of Identification or Proof of Address?

An Orange tick indicates a pending verification
A Red Cross indicates a declined verification which you will need to resubmit the details
A Green tick indicates successful verification

In my personal information can I change my name?

No, your name will be set from when you first Registered with SendSpend and cannot be changed. If the information is incorrect or changed please contact customer support customerservice@sendspend

Can I change my account from a personal account to a business account?

No, currently this is unavailable

What is my “Wallet Reference Number”?

This is a unique reference number given to your SendSpend E-Wallet account.


Can I buy airtime for my friends and family?

Yes, As long as you know their contact number you can send them airtime or data using your SendSpend Account.

What can I purchase via prepaid?

Currently, you can buy Airtime & Data, Electricity and PayTV with more to still come.

How do I receive the airtime when I buy it on SendSpend?

It will automatically be sent to the number you purchased it with.

My friend did not get an SMS when I bought them airtime, what do I do?

In your prepaid tab on your SendSpend application, there will be a history of the transaction with a Recharge PIN code you can send your friend.

I bought Airtime but didn't see any successful transaction, what happened?

You should see your transaction in the pending tab on your SendSpend app, Sometimes due to network delays it may take a couple of minutes to complete the transaction.

I bought an Amazon gift card, how do I see the voucher code?

Once you have purchased the Amazon GiftCard, it will be saved on your SendSpend application which you can turn around using the arrow key below it for the code.

Can I buy an Amazon gift card for someone without a SendSpend account?

Yes, you can buy the card for yourself and give the code to your friend or family member

Money Balances

Are there any fees when doing a money transfer locally?

No. There are no fees when transacting domestically.

When I try to add a currency I just get a blank screen.

You must be Gold Tier or higher to access adding currencies.

How do I delete a currency that I have added?

Only if you have not added or exchanged money into the currency you wish to delete then you can remove it.

Why is my Currency exchange greyed out?

You must be Gold Tier or higher to access currency exchange option

Why does my balance show differently to my home currency?

The Cash Balance shows the total of all your currencies combined, subject to the current exchange rate.

Send/Request Money

How long does it take to send money from myself to my family in another country?

Instantly, However you will need to be a Gold Tier user to transact internationally

Who can I send money too?

You can send friends or family money for free domestically, quickly and easily all you need is their contact number. You can also send sent money internationally as long as you are a gold tier and above.

If I send a certain amount of money to a friend can I edit the transaction before he accepts?

No. You will need to cancel the request and then redo the transaction.

I want to send money internationally but don't know the country code?

When changing the country code you can simply search for the country by name and it will put the county code in for you automatically.

How will my friend who I send money to internationally know I sent them money?

They will receive an SMS letting them know

KYC Tier Users

How do I become a Gold Tier User?

You will need to upload your ID documents which can be found in the settings on your application.

How do I become a Platinum Tier User?

You will need to add your bank account to your SendSpend Account. You can only do this once you have become a Gold Tier User.

How much money can I deposit per month?

  • Silver Member – 150 GBP Per month
  • Gold Member – 500 GBP per Month
  • Platinum Member – 7500 GBP per Month

How much money can I withdraw per month?

  • Silver member – Unlimited
  • Gold member – Unlimited
  • Platinum member – Unlimited

What is the maximum balance I can have in my wallet?

  • Silver Member – 400 GBP
  • Gold Member – 1500 GBP
  • Platinum Member – Unlimited

What is the maximum amount I can send / request per month internationally?

  • Silver Member – Cannot send internationally
  • Gold Member – 25000 GBP Annual Limit
  • Platinum Member – 50000 GBP Annual Limit

What is the maximum amount I can transact online per month?

  • Silver Member – Unlimited
  • Gold Member – Unlimited
  • Platinum Member – Unlimited


I referred a friend but I got no reward, how do I get the reward?

Once your referred friend or family member spends a certain amount online you will receive your reward.

How many people can I recruit for rewards?

As many people as you want, just remember they will need to do an online transaction worth a certain amount in order for you to get the reward.

What are the rewards?

That will depend on the promotion at that time; the rewards will be subject to change.

How do I redeem a cash reward from a referral?

Once the person you refer spends a certain amount using their application the cash reward will automatically be added to your Wallet Balance.

How long does a referral last for?

There is no time limit, only once the referred member spends a certain amount it will be added to your SendSpend account

Can I give someone else my reward?

No, the reward will come to the SendSpend account that sent the reward

Online Payments

Where do I get the forms to become an online merchant?

Call or email merchants@sendspend.com to get the payment plug-in for your shop

What do I need to become an online merchant?

A registration form applied for and filled out from SendSpend as well as the SendSpend API.

Can I make payment online using other currencies?

Yes, if you are a Gold Tier customer and have multiple currencies you can choose which you would like to use.

How safe is buying online?

We use two-factor authentication when buying online, this means you will need a PIN code & an OTP (One-time password) SMS’d to you in order to complete the transaction.

Can I buy online with shops that aren't linked to SendSpend?

No, you will need to use online stores with the SendSpend payment portal.

QR Code

How do I create a QR code?

Firstly you will need to have registered as a SendSpend business account. When you select the Request money option on your SendSpend account there will be two options to generate a QR code or to view your existing QR codes already created.

Can I create a QR on a SendSpend personal account?

No, You will only be able to scan a QR code with a SendSpend personal account.

Can I change my SendSpend personal account to a SendSpend Business account?

No, Currently there is no way to change from a personal account to a business account.

What is the difference between a SendSpend personal account and a SendSpend Business account?

The Personal account will be able to only scan QR codes however local remittance is free
The Business account will you will be able to generate, save and scan QR codes however there is a 2.5% fee on all money transfers.

Can I take a screenshot of the QR code to save for later?

No. Screenshots are not enabled on the SendSpend application. You can select when generating a QR code to save the QR code for multiple uses.

Why use a QR code and not just request or send money?

QR code is quick and easy to scan. Instead of searching for a contact and waiting for them to accept the request, you can just do one scan, punch in your PIN-code and the funds will be deducted.

How do I know the QR code I’m scanning is not charging me more money than the product is listed for?

After you scan the QR code you will see exactly how much money the request is asking for before you accept and put in your PIN code.

Can I use the QR code when depositing and withdrawing money from a SendSpend Agent?

No, This functionality is not available for Deposit and withdrawals.

Addtional Questions

My phone switched off while I was doing a payment, how do I know if the payment was successful?

When you log back into your phone you will be able to check if the payment went through in your money balances and check the transaction history.

My internet dropped when I was doing a send request to a friend, do I need to send another?

You will be able to see all pending money requests or send requests on your main landing page; if it does not appear there then you will need to do the send request again.

Can I cancel a pending transaction?

Yes, you will just need to click on the transaction in the pending options on your main landing page (home screen) and once selected click on the cancel option before the requested transaction is completed by the person sent too.

What does Pending Authorization mean?

This means that it is currently waiting for the person you sent/requested money to has received the request and needs to complete the transaction.

Can I View my transaction history offline?

No, you will need to always log in to your account before having access to your transaction history.

Can I rotate the orientation of the SendSpend application?

No, the orientation for SendSpend is set to portrait view only.

What do I do if I suspect there is fraud on my account?

Change your login password on your account and contact SendSpend support.

Will using the SendSpend application on low battery affect my transactions?

No, however, we recommend making sure you have sufficient battery when doing a deposit or withdrawal with an agent as if you miss your appointment there will be a small cancellation fee.

Is there a limit to the amount of pending transaction requests one user can have?

No there is no limit.

What android version does SendSpend work on?

must be android 6 and higher.

Does SendSpend work on all phones?

The SendSpend application will only work on android smartphones.

How do I know when a transaction has been completed?

You will receive a notification on your SendSpend application.

Can I complete a deposit with an agent with no available data/airtime?

No. You will need to be online to complete the transaction with an agent.

How many contacts can I have on my SendSpend account?

There is no limit