API Docs

SendSpend Suite of Application Program Interfaces (API’s). The SendSpend Application form.


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E-Commerce Payment Gateway

To enable Online Merchants to sell to and take payment from SendSpend consumers. Allows SendSpend consumers to purchase and pay online.

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POS (Point of Sale)

Enables Physical Merchants to take electronic payments from SendSpend Customers. Solves the problem of businesses handling cash and/or availability of cash to the consumer.

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Prepaid Vouchers and Gift Cards

Selected high volume, commoditised products such as Pre-Paid electricity, Data/Airtime and Gift Cards can be purchase directly from within the SendSpend App.

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QR Code

For an improved customer experience, a QR code enables merchants to request payment without needing the customers’ phone number and also provides for a much quicker payment process. Various forms of QR Code exist.


POS API – For integration to existing POS systems. This enables corporates with many outlets to integrate the cash deposit/withdrawal function into their existing cashier operations.

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