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Become an Authorised SendSpend Merchant and benefit from our eCommerce payment gateway for merchants and Unbanked Customers

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SendSpend Payment Gateway

Introducing the new, fast, secure and cost-effective way for unbanked customers to make secure payments for products and services

Key Features

  • An electronic payment system that doesn’t require a traditional credit card or cheque/debit card to make an online payment.
  • Simple, easy to install payment gateway API or Plug-In, allowing people without a credit card, debit/cheque card or traditional bank account to buy from you.


  • Suitable for:
    • Online Shops
    • Apps
    • In-Store Point of Sale


  • Payment Gateway links directly to customers SendSpend Pre-Paid Wallet and secure 2-factor authorisation is done instantly.
SendSpend Payment Gateway screenshot
SendSpend OTP Functionality Screenshot

Benefits of SendSpend as a Payment Option

  • Allow people with no bank or credit card to pay you electronically
  • Tap into a whole new market of unbanked people, 1.7 billion across the globe• Quick and Easy for shoppers to download the SendSpend App from Google Play Store and sign up in a matter of minutes
  • Highly Secure Transactions. 2 Stage Transaction Authentication (PIN and OTP) for customers -reduces the risk of fraud and customer disputes

Merchant Costs and remittance of Funds

  • Remittance of cash in 72 hours
  • Simple Charges – Fixed, Low Transaction Fee depending on volumes
  • Maximum 4%
  • No Minimum Transaction Fee
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Denied Transaction Fees
  • No Refund Fees
  • No Pre-Authorisation Charges

Getting Started

  • What you will need to do


Have your own e-commerce website or app set up and running.


For Individuals/Sole Proprietors, Sign Up using the App and request the Payment Gateway API or Plug-In at


For companies, trusts and other incorporated entities, Complete the online registration form at and accept the SendSpend Terms and Conditions.

Next Steps

  • Once we have your details, we will set you up with an account and notify you.
  • After this, we’ll send you our simple API to integrate with your online checkout, along with the instructions. 
  • For some e-commerce shops, we may already have a simple plug-in for you to install. We’ll determine whether this is the case when you provide us with the information we ask for in the application form.

Going Live!

  • As soon as you have completed the integration and everything is working fine, we’ll make you live.
  • You can start accepting payments from SendSpend customers immediately!

A quick and easy process

  • From start to take your first payment – No longer than 2 weeks.
  • Providing the are no problems, it should take us 48 hours to process your application, open your account and send you the API or plug-in.
  • The rest is up to you as it’s you who will need to add the SendSpend payment option to your Website Shop or App.

Simple Terms and Conditions for e-Merchants, to sign up, call or email: to get the payment API or plugin for your shop.