Spending Money

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Spending Money

You can use SendSpend to pay wherever you see the SendSpend Logo. All you need to do is enter your registered phone number or simply scan the QR Code and then authorise the payment on your phone.

SendSpend Emblem

Website Checkout

You can use our check out button when you shop online. Look for the SendSpend Pay Now Button.

App Checkouts

Use in-app check out to pay for your purchases by choosing the Pay by SendSpend payment method.

In-Store at the Cashier

You can also use the money stored in your SendSpend Wallet to pay for your purchases in-store. Just give your cellphone number to the cashier or scan the QR Code.

Supplier Payment Requests – Instant Pay

When you purchase products or services from a supplier, they will request payment from you using the App. You will receive a Payment Request. When you authorise the payment the funds will be instantly sent to the supplier.

Scanning a QR Code

For easy and quick payments, just scan the QR code with your phone and authorise the payment by entering your PIN. It’s quick and easy.

Pre-paid Products

  • Utilities

Airtime & Data

You can purchase Airtime and Data for yourself or a friend by simply putting in the contact number you wish to buy Airtime or Data for.

Pay TV

You can Pay for your TV subscription of pay to view programs. To be able to do that you will need to own your TV account number.


You will need an electricity or Municipality card number as well as a Contract number to receive the Electricity Voucher code.

  • Gift Cards & Store Cards

You can purchase different prepaid items using your available cash.